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Città del Vaticano e Cappella Sistina


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Panoramic Route - Essential Rome

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10-15 min
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13 points of interest
Location: Lungotevere Tor di Nona, Roma

Hop off at the Vatican City & Sistine Chapel stop if you want to discover what the Vatican has to offer you. The city state of the Vatican is home of the Pope as well as the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Because of its size, it is the smallest independent state in existence.

Although it occupies less than half a square kilometer, you could spend a whole day admiring St. Peter's Square and the Basilica. Wander through the 19 Vatican Museums, among which the Sistine Chapel stands out. One of the most impressive art collections in the world awaits you here.

The stop is great to explore other places in Rome. For instance, the Castel Sant’Angelo. With 1900 years old, it houses a museum of medieval weaponry and Renaissance paintings.

A short walk away from the same you will find Piazza Navona, an icon of Roman life. Enjoy its cafes and restaurants and admire the Bernini Fountain!