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Get to know the maravelous city of Rome and discover why it is considered as an open air museum with the Panoramic route offered by the Hop on Hop off bus of Rome.

Take advantage of the Hop-On Hop-Off service benefits and hop on and off the bus at any of the stops of the route as often as you want.

This route consists of 8 stops that will take you to the main points of interest of the Italian capital. This route lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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Panoramic Route - Essential Rome

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08:30 - 20:30 h
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10-15 min
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8 stops
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1:30 hours

Due to renovation works in the area, our stop n.1 will be in via Enrico de Nicola, in front of Piazza dei Cinquecento (at the 910 Atac line stop).

Termini Station is Rome's main railroad station. Every day 800 trains and 480,000 travelers pass through its platforms, making it the busiest train station in Italy. The station was built in 1867 and has been remodeled several times, most recently in 2000 for the Jubilee. The area around Termini is one of the less touristy areas of Rome. Near this stop are the Piazza della Repubblica, the Museo Nazionale Romano and the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. Source: disfrutaroma.com

Santa Maria Maggiore is one of the four Patriarchal Basilicas of Rome. Its construction was ordered by Pope Liberio who – they say – on August 5th 356 saw the Virgin Mary in his dreams. She indicated him where to construct the church through a snow fall that happened on the Esquilino Hill (this is the reason why the church is also called by the second name of Saint Mary “ad Nives”, of the Snows). It seems, however, that the actual Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica was built under Sisto III who erected it and dedicated it to Mary’s motherhood, just after the Council of Efeso in 431. Source: rome.info

The Roman Colosseum or Coliseum, originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, was commissioned in AD 72 by Emperor Vespasian. It was completed by his son, Titus, in 80, with later improvements by Domitian.
The Colosseum is located just east of the Roman Forum and was built to a practical design, with its 80 arched entrances allowing easy access to 55,000 spectators, who were seated according to rank. The Coliseum is huge, an ellipse 188m long and 156 wide. Originally 240 masts were attached to stone corbels on the 4th level. Source: rome.info

The Circo Massimo - Mouth of Truth Stop will take you near two of the top-rated sights in Rome.

You can find the Bocca della Verità on the façade of the Chiesa di Santa Maria. Legend has it that if you put your hand inside and tell a lie, it will snap shut and eat it. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city! Will you dare to find if it's true?

On the other hand, when you approach the Circo Massimo and see a large green area, you will be on the remains of the most famous circus in Rome. Here the sport competitions of the Empire were held. Of all the modalities, chariot races were the most popular. Up to 250,000 spectators attended these shows! From this point you can enjoy magnificent views of the Palatine Hill.

The Domus Augustea and the Baths of Caracalla are also in the area. We suggest you make sure to visit the panoramic garden of Giardino degli Aranci. Enjoy the amazing views over Rome!

The Piazza Venezia - Foro Romano stop is an area not to be missed when exploring the city.

Admire the monument to Emmanuele II. See the Palazzo di Venezia, the market and the Trajan's column. The square is just a few minutes' away from top rated sights, such as the Pantheon.

Visit the museums in its surrounding area. Admire the artworks in the Capitoline, the Vittoriano or the Colonna Galleries. You will also be next to the Imperial Forums. See the remains of public spaces created by Julius Caesar, Augustus, Vespasian, Nerva and Trajan. These were the places from which the legal, religious and commercial decisions of the Empire were made.

Explore the area at your own pace. Hop on back again in the pink bus and continue your route through this ancient city.

Hop off at the Vatican City & Sistine Chapel stop if you want to discover what the Vatican has to offer you. The city state of the Vatican is home of the Pope as well as the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Because of its size, it is the smallest independent state in existence.

Although it occupies less than half a square kilometer, you could spend a whole day admiring St. Peter's Square and the Basilica. Wander through the 19 Vatican Museums, among which the Sistine Chapel stands out. One of the most impressive art collections in the world awaits you here.

The stop is great to explore other places in Rome. For instance, the Castel Sant’Angelo. With 1900 years old, it houses a museum of medieval weaponry and Renaissance paintings.

A short walk away from the same you will find Piazza Navona, an icon of Roman life. Enjoy its cafes and restaurants and admire the Bernini Fountain!

The Spanish Steps stop is in one of the most famous areas of Rome, where some of the best hotels in the capital are. Via Veneto street is notably famous for film ""La Dolce Vita"".

The Spanish Steps (Piazza Spagna) is known worldwide for its grand staircase. The square receives its name for being the place where the Spanish embassy was located. You can climb up the top to admire the Church of the Trinità dei Monti. For centuries this place has been the center of the artistic and literary life of Rome.

In the area you can also visit the old Villa Borghese. The Galleria houses one of the largest art collections in the world. See sculptures by Bernini, Caravaggio, Raphael and Titian. In the Villa you can visit a zoo, with an area of ​​17 hectares and more than 1000 animals.

The stop at the Barberini & Trevi Fountain will take you near to two of the top-rated sights in the city.

Head to the Trevi Fountain to admire its Rococo style. Once there, heed the legend of the same and toss in a coin if you want to assure a next visit to the Eternal City. If want you want is to find the love of your life (and for it to be Italian...) you must toss in 2 coins. And last, throw in 3 coins if what you want is to get married soon!

If Rome can boast of anything, it has to be the about its works of art. Explore the area at your own pace but do not forget to stop by Piazza Barberini! Marvel at the Bernini's Triton fountain. See the great Palazzo Barberini, home of the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica. This is a museum dedicated to the High Renaissance and Baroque styles. Sculptures of Raphael and paintings by Tintoretto, Titian, El Greco and Caravaggio are waiting for you.

Enjoy the atmosphere of the city and walk along the glamorous Via Veneto. Have an Italian coffee in one of its terraces or head down to Villa Borghese's park. Make sure to visit the Basilica di Santa Maria della Vittoria, where you can find Bernini's sculpture ""The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa"" or the Convento dei Frati Capuccini.