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Piazza Venezia - Foro Romano


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Panoramic Route - Essential Rome

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10-15 min
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28 points of interest
Location: Via del Teatro di Marcello, Roma

The Piazza Venezia - Foro Romano stop is an area not to be missed when exploring the city.

Admire the monument to Emmanuele II. See the Palazzo di Venezia, the market and the Trajan's column. The square is just a few minutes' away from top rated sights, such as the Pantheon.

Visit the museums in its surrounding area. Admire the artworks in the Capitoline, the Vittoriano or the Colonna Galleries. You will also be next to the Imperial Forums. See the remains of public spaces created by Julius Caesar, Augustus, Vespasian, Nerva and Trajan. These were the places from which the legal, religious and commercial decisions of the Empire were made.

Explore the area at your own pace. Hop on back again in the pink bus and continue your route through this ancient city.