Quartiere Coppedè, a neighbourhood to discover

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The Quartiere Coppedè is one of the unknown jewels in Rome. The Eternal City is known because of its endless artistic and monumental ensembles. In the historical centre of the city we find constructions such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum or the Pantheon, but Rome has much more. Do not you know the Quartiere Coppedè yet?

After crossing the amazing arch in Via Tagliamento you will arrive to Quartiere Coppedè. The most astonishing point of this neighbourhood is its architecture. We can find its small palaces and buildings mixing the architectonic styles art deco and art nouveau with touches of other styles like the baroque and the ancient Greek art. This fusion will make you think that you are in another city.

Piazza Mincio is its main square. At its heart there is the Fontana delle Rane (Fountain of the Frogs). Apart of its beauty, this fountain is known because the Beatles plunged fully dressed into it after a concert in the city.

‘Villini delle fate’ (Villas of the fairies) is another special corner in this neighbourhood. This ensemble of villas makes references to the city of Florence: we can read on a fountain ‘Fiorenza Sei Bella’ (Florence is beautiful) and on a façade there are two sculptures in honour of Dante and Petrarca, geniuses of the Florentine literature.

In this neighbourhood all the façades have something special. Palazzo del Ragno (Palace of the Spider), for example, has a spider; on other façades you can find decorative elements like a wolf or a rooster.

A visit to Quartiere Coppedè means discovering a place in which not many tourists pay attention. In order to have a unique experience we advise you to find some time to get to know this neighbourhood.

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