Andy Warhol in Complesso del Vittoriano

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Andy Warhol, Pop Art pioneer, fills Complesso del Vittoriano with colour through the temporary exposition available until the 3rd February.

You have probably seen replicas of the famous Campbell tomato soup or the colourful portrait of Marilyn Monroe, but if you visit this exhibition, you will have a collection of more than 170 real pieces within reach.

The scenography of the exhibition is based on the style of Studio 54, where Andy Warhol was a frequent visitor. The effects of light and optical games form the perfect atmosphere to take you back to the 50s for a moment. In addition everything invites to be photographed.

Pop Art is an art movement born in the 1950’s in opposition to the traditional art. It transforms ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces in art galleries. For example, Brillo soap pads or pictures of famous characters such as Mao Zedong or Michael Jackson…

Take advantage of this exhibition to get closer to Pop Art and get to know the best representative, Andy Warhol: his eccentricities, his peculiar vision of fame, etc.

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