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24 Jan 2019

The Pontifical Swiss Guard

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If you walk around the Vatican you will notice of the guards dressed in a colourful uniform. Do you know who they are? They are part of the Swiss Guard, the official security body of the Pope and the Holy See.

Some people say that the Swiss Guard uniform was designed by Michelangelo while others claim that it was Commander Jules Repond who did it based on Rafael's frescoes. What we certainly know about the uniforms is that they are custom-made in yellow, blue and red, the traditional colours of the Medici, a well-known medieval family from Florence. To complete the suit, the guards wear white gloves and boot-covers. There is also another uniform in navy blue.

Apart from the uniform, the Swiss Guard is known for the fact of having been protecting the Pope for more than 500 years and for being part of the smallest army in the world.

Take advantage of your visit to the Vatican to meet the Swiss Guard.

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