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Fora and Palatine Hill
  • Panoramic route

The Palatine Hill, to the south of and above the Roman Forum, is a beautiful park containing impressive ancient ruins. According to legend, it was the site where Romulus and Remus (the orphaned infant twins who survived by being suckled by a she-wolf) eventually founded the city.

Splendid Imperial palaces were later built over its slopes, so that the word Palatine came to be synonymous with the palace of the emperor (and provided the derivation for our word ‘palace’).

During the Republic many prominent citizens lived here and Augustus, who was born on the Palatine, builded his Palace at the central summit of the hill. The example of Augustus was followed by later emperors and the area called the Palatium was used as a private residence for the emperor.

With time the buildings became more and more magnificent, especially under the Flavian emperors. Remarkably isolated from the traffic-ridden streets below, the Palatine is one of the most romantic and charming spots in the centre of the city.