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Porta Pinciana

Porta Pinciana
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Porta Pinciana is a gate of the Aurelian Walls in Rome. The name derives from the gens Pincia, who owned the eponymous hill (Pincian Hill). In ancient times it was also called Porta Turata ("Plugged Gate", for it was partially closed) and Porta Salaria vetus, as the oldest Via Salaria passed under it (the Via Salaria nova passed under the Porta Salaria).
It was the minor gate of the Aurelian walls, from where the Via Salaria vetus had been taken the beginning. It is made of a simple archway bordered by travertine with two cylindrical towers on the sides placed here by Emperor Honorius in 403. There is a marble relief facing Via Veneto dedicated to the soldiers fell in the WWI. Opposite the gate is one of the entrances to the Villa Borghese. Source: rometour.org