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  • 27 avr. 2017

    The Path of illumination in tourist bus

    There are four points that conform the Path of Illumination and they represent the four elements of nature: earth, air, water and fire. These elements create a cross on the top of the map of ...

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  • 30 mars 2017

    Bocca della Verità

    Cathégories: Monuments

    In Rome, if you want to know if someone is telling the truth, you just have to make him put a hand inside the famous ...

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  • 16 févr. 2017

    The Orange Garden: the best views of Rome

    Cathégories: Essentiels

    One of the places in Rome that offers the best views is the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, placed near the Orange Garden. Nowadays, you won’t find the palace, but you ...

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  • 17 janv. 2017

    Four markets in Rome that you cannot miss

    Cathégories: Marchés

    If when you travel the thing that you like the most is discovering the unknown face of the cities, you cannot miss the markets of Rome, the meeting point of the locals in the city. From ...

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  • 05 déc. 2016

    Rome, city of fountains

    Cathégories: Monuments

    The Roman Empire has gone down in history as one of the civilizations which considered water an essential element on its living. Aqueducts ensured water supply to all the population, the Roman ...

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